Love my Dinair!


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I can’t even tell you guys how much I love my Dinair! I’ve tried two other company’s machines so far and theirs is the best. One thing that really stands out for me is the size and weight of it. Since I travel on location to my jobs it makes it so much more convenient for me being small and light weight. Very compact.

The foundation and even their concealer is amazing. The foundation is water-based. I didn’t really think it would work for my skin as I’m very oily, but I challenged the makeup to the limit. I wore it to the beach! We took the family to the beach and I sat under an umbrella for a few hours. Now I sweat very easily….even in snow….so when I got back in front of a mirror and it still was on I was amazed! The coverage was perfect and you couldn’t see my pores and it wasn’t cake-y.

I have never ever had a complaint from a bride either. Only positive comments about how they love it! Many come to me and ask if they should do airbrush because they think it will be too thick or messy. We always try it at the trial run and they love that they feel like they don’t have anything on and how it lasted all day and all night even through all the dancing. I love hearing that!

The most important thing I do with my airbrush though is use it to apply makeup for our local women’s shelter. The women there don’t have it as easy as they’d like. One of the first ladies I met there had a huge bruise covering just about her entire face! It broke my heart. She was old enough to be my mom or younger grandma type. I didn’t have the airbrush by then, but she inspired it. I had a difficult time applying as much makeup as she normally could’ve had. Unfortunately, these were new bruises, so they were tender. I applied what I could and was very thankful she even let me do her makeup. I’m sure it took a lot of courage to come to another woman who doesn’t know you to see you like that. Not that I minded, but I was very glad she did because she inspired me and she doesn’t even know it. The airbrush helps us to not even have to touch their faces at all. Dinair carries the regular foundation, as well as the paramedical line that covers these types of discoloration and tattoos with ease.
We can apply everything with it!!! Yes even mascara! It’s amazing to be able to see the transformation physically, but even more so emotionally! This awesome machine has changed lives.

If you wanna have some fun with this machine as well you can get stencils to make designs. There’s just no excuse not to have one. They are priced very nicely as well!

I encourage you to get yourself an airbrush machine from Dinair and have it change your life.
Please contact me if you have any questions and click the picture above to view the items they have on their website.
Enjoy and know you are beautiful!