Eye Spy {Info Makeup Pics}

So I found a bunch of photos for makeup online and thought I would combine them all in one place. I thought it might be interesting to see the different opinions of those who made the slides. These pictures will give you an idea of ways to do your makeup.

First is eyes. The shape and how to apply eye shadow. Which eye shape do you have?

IMG_1053 IMG_1056 IMG_1055 IMG_1054 IMG_1063

Eyeliner is one of the most tricky things to get right and everyone likes it their own way. Try something new and see if you like it. Why not try them all? IMG_1058 Contouring and highlighting are my favorite things to do besides eye shadow. My opinion on contouring and highlighting is to do it where you want. The oval face shape being the most appealing is hardly true in my book. Look at runway models with more oblong and square shape faces. It’s all about how you bring things forward and make things appear smaller. Go play with some powder or cream bronzers and highlighters and create a new shape just for you. IMG_1061 IMG_1062

Lips all have different shapes as well. Some have smaller top or bottom lips or larger lips. This picture shows different ways to change the shape of your lip using liners, lipstick and gloss. I love to play with the shape of my lips by making them bigger. I will sometimes use my lip liner to draw around the outside of my lip just where the color of my lip seems to fade from view. I have large lips already, but it makes them fuller. What shape are your lips?


Lastly are some different eye lash styles. Eyelashes or falsies are always tricky when you just look at them in the box before you put them on. Consider your own eye lashes before you pick falsies. Do you want length? Do you want volume? Consider what you are lacking or wanting and chose based on that. IMG_1060

If I find more pics to share I will post more up. Hope you found something interesting in all these.

Enjoy and wear your confidence with or without your makeup.

Love Janea



Alice in Wonderland {Photo Shoot}

hair and makeup Alice in Wonderland Last year I took a trip to Orlando for The Makeup Show. While I was there I stayed with an awesome photographer friend of mine Christine O’Connell of A Million Sighs Photography. Before I headed her way we discussed putting together a shoot. Whenever we get together we like to play and see what fun stuff we can create. She came up with the theme: Alice in Wonderland. Of course when she told me that I knew it would be lots of fun.

Christine is just one talented gal. She has got mad skills for creating masterpieces. She actually was the one who gave me a push to start up my business J & A Makeup Artistry. Having said that, once I arrived at her house we got to making some fun props for the shoot. Props are more fun when you make them. :::wink:::curly hair makeup style hair and makeup Alice in Wonderland

After we got the props done and picked out the clothes we were set to start getting Elizabeth Westbrook or Liz ready for the shoot. It took me quite a while to get her hair all curled, but it was worth it in the end. I used a rod and a straightener to get such tight curls. After I curled, I set to breaking up peices and then teasing them for volume. Next was the makeup. Christine showed me an eye shadow design she liked and I tweaked it to fit Liz’s eye shape and color. Once the eye was done I got to contour her face. Which I love doing! Bold lips and cheeks were the final touches for makeup. Liz got dressed up and we added some of my jewelry, grabbed the props, and were out the door to start shooting.

curly hair doll hair contouring curly hair doll hair makeup doll hair makeup bold lip dark eyes

hair makeup doll bold lip Vroom vroom! Here we goooo!! doll shoot All our lovely props! hair makeup on set shoot

Near her house there is an amazing park filled with gorgeous shrubbery and trees and a bridge and just tons of great areas for living backdrops. Just perfect! Christine picked the spot for us to set up the circus tent and we got to work setting up while Christine and Liz shot some other areas.    glitter sparkle hair and makeup Alice in Wonderlandhair and makeup Alice in Wonderland glitter sparkle The shoot turned out amazing and even better than what we had hoped for. We even stayed till the sun was setting to get some pretty awesome shots from the light posts. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I do and to do it with such cool and talented friends. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next! hair makeup red black and white stripes hair makeup If you’d like to see the rest of the pictures from this shoot please check it out here.hair makeup bold lip curly hair .

VIDEO: DIY Bead Chandelier Lamp

I have fallen in love with the Glitter ‘N Glue blog! This is something I am going to try when I have some time. I love to make stuff and this is right up my alley. Check out this video and if you make one please share a picture!

Go glam and give that boring ole lamp shade make over! Use beaded garland to transform your lamp into a fancy chandelier.

DIY Glitter N Glue Bead Chandelier Lamp How To

For more fun videos, don’t forget to subscribe to the Glitter ‘N Glue YouTube channel -> here!

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Tiffany and Cody Renew Their Vows


Location: Spirits of Bacchus, Fort Myers, FL; Event Coordinator: Jet Set Wed, Fort Myers, FL; Floral Design: Isnt She Lovely Florals; Hair and Makeup: JA Makeup Artistry; Dress: Tie the Knot Bridal Boutique; Photography: Zee Anna Photography & Nikki Mayday Photographyphoca_thumb_l_JetSetWed_ZeeAnna_NikkiMayDay__0166

This shoot that I was able to be apart of was styled and put together by Kehrin Hassan of JetSetWed. There was a special couple who participated by modeling for it. These two wonderful people are also photographers (Hunter Ryan Photo) so they are not used to being put in front of a camera, rather behind it. Although during the shoot I did catch Cody a few times snapping shots of his beautiful wife. Who can blame him? She’s a doll!

These two, if I remember correctly, didn’t have the opportunity to have a big fancy wedding, and their photos were not what they should have been. Photos are your main way to save your memories of your big day, pretty important. So this was very special to them to have the chance to renew their vows in a very cool way. I know this meant a lot to them.

View More: http://nikkimaydayphotography.passgallery.com/event/jG2SC135783View More: http://nikkimaydayphotography.passgallery.com/event/jG2SC135783 View More: http://nikkimaydayphotography.passgallery.com/event/jG2SC135783 View More: http://nikkimaydayphotography.passgallery.com/event/jG2SC135783

I absolutely loved that I was able to be apart of this awesome shoot with such talented artists and great people. Doing Tiffany’s hair and makeup and Cody’s hair was such a treat. Tiffany is a ball of excitement and awesome sauce and was the perfect model for this shoot. As you can see I spent most of my time with her.


I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I was when I got a sweet little message from Tiffany about her experience from this shoot. When I read it I was emotional in seeing how much my work meant to her. Personally, I love what I do and I love the people I work with, but I had no idea how something so simple could mean so much to one person.

Here’s apart of what she wrote to me: “Seriously Janea I cant tell you enough what you did for me. I felt beautiful – I look at this pic and I’m like “thats me?” the confidence I gained from the hair/makeup/doting on and dress is immeasurable and I feel so blessed and grateful. I just want you to know that what you do means something. People might think makeup/hair -whatever is so superficial, or whatnot -but its not. You have the ability to make a woman see herself like she never has – give her a new reason to look in the mirror and THAT is a gift. To really see her beauty – that maybe she forgot about or never really saw. You need to know that! I appreciate you and I’ll sing your praises til the cows come home girl. It’s one thing to refer someone – it’s another when you experienced it first hand.”

Yep I am tearing up now just posting it. Thanks Tiff!

Rehitched_ZeeAnna_02032013_0036 Rehitched_ZeeAnna_02032013_0042


I took this off JetSetWed’s Facebook page:

JSW Featured on Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

It’s FINALLY live!!! We have been waiting for a long time to share this amazing Jet Set Wed styled vow renewal with you featuring our very own Tiffany & Cody! These amazing photos were taken by our dream team Zee Anna Photography & NikkiMayDay Photography Florals provided by the fab ladies of Isn’t She Lovely Florals . The stationery was designed by myself (Kehrin Hassan) & dm paper designs. Thank you so much for this feature and thank you to Tie the Knot Bridal Couture Collections for providing this gorgeous gown & to JA Makeup Artistry for doing such a perfect job with hair and makeup. Also to Lush Bakery for providing the adorable cake and Spirits of Bacchus for providing the perfect backdrop!

Rehitched_ZeeAnna_02032013_0059View More: http://nikkimaydayphotography.passgallery.com/event/jG2SC135783View More: http://nikkimaydayphotography.passgallery.com/event/jG2SC135783

“The decor & wardrobe for this vow renewal was inspired by Cody & Tiffany’splayful romantic demeanor.  They had big plans of getting re-hitched on their 7 year anniversary in Italy but starting a photography business and having their little girl Haley made Italy look like only a dream so we brought Italy to them.  The romance of deep reds and playfulness of bright teal lent itself to a dreamy garden terrace renewal wrapped in lace and tulle.” – Kehrin Hassan of Jet Set Wed, Event Coordinator


I truly enjoyed doing this shoot and I look forward to playing more in the future!

Janea Soliven

To see the full albums for this shoot click here AND here.

Cleaning your makeup brushes 101

Taking care of your brushes is so important for anyone who uses them, no matter if you’re a makeup artist or not. My team and I consider our brushes our money makers. Therefore, keeping them clean and sanitized is crucial.
Fortunately there are many options for cleaning your brushes depending on if you are wanting a quick clean or a deep clean. Quick cleaning means after each time you use your brushes on yourself or a client and don’t have time to do a deep clean, or your brushes aren’t dirty enough yet. Deep cleaning is when you really want to get all the makeup out of your brushes even if you’ve been doing quick cleaning or sanitizing. If you are using your brushes on several clients in a row you need to sanitize them. The easiest way is have a spray bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol and spray your brushes with it and use a paper towel or wash cloth to wipe it off. You don’t want to use a higher percent because you want to avoid drying you bristles out.

For quick cleaning my favorite brush cleaners are from Clinique and MAC because they are the best bang for my buck.

Some good deep cleaning products are from Sigma or from your own home. You can actually use both together to get your brushes really clean. One option is using baby shampoo or a color safe shampoo on your brushes. Another option from your kitchen is Dawn soap and olive oil. An easy way to do that is to get a plate and make two pools and run your brush down the middle to get both products on your brush. After that rub it on Sigma’s cleaning glove.


When you rinse them don’t soak them or stand them up with water dripping down the handle. You want to have them hanging on the edge of your sink on their sides or use the drying rack from Sigma. This also helps shape your brushes so when you go to use them again they are not out of shape. They also can be hung upside down which is ideal for drying your brushes. If water gets in the ferrule your bristles can fall out. I’ve actually had that happen before.


Check out more of what Sigma has to offer and take care of your brushes so you don’t have to replace them as often. Your brushes will last much longer when you take care of them properly.

Visit Sigma Beauty by clicking here.

{Flower} by Drew Barrymore

Blog post written by j & a makeup artistry‘s makeup artist guru Amber:

So a few weeks ago I was shopping at Walmart and ventured to the makeup isles in search of something new and different in a foundation. I didn’t think I’d find anything until a new display caught my eye. It was bright white with the name “flower” on it. I saw Drew Barrymore pictured at the top of the display and decided to check it out. I’m not really the type of person to buy a product just because a celeb endorses it. I’d prefer to buy a product, name brand or not, based on how well it suits my needs, ingredients, and price. Well, apparently these products are made from flowers that Drew hand-picked herself. Not sure how true that is, but knowing that she is the eternal hippie she is, it only makes sense for her to name this cosmetic line “flower”.

So I decided to give the BB cream a try. I needed a new one and this was around $12, which was affordable for my budget. I chose BB2, which was a bit too light for me- but I loved the coverage it gave me. I didn’t need ANY concealer OR powder. My face was breaking out a little at the time, and it totally covered my zits and under eye circles, all while looking very natural and feeling like i had nothing on. Plus it lasted all day! I was amazed. I actually went back and bought another one a shade darker to mix with the one that was too light. I also purchased a blush & bronzer duo that I fell in love with. I haven’t had time to try out anymore, but I do want to see how the mascara and eye shadows work out. I like that the products are natural, plant based & they are department store quality but at a lower price point. There’s also lipstick, lip gloss, powders, eyeliners etc. I’m sure whatever you try you won’t be disappointed.





{Review} Maybelline 24 hour tattoo eye shadow

I have been hearing all about this product. The things people have been saying made me think it was going to totally rock and be the next newest thing everyone had to have. So I went and bought it (on sale of course) at Ulta.

First, I played with the white one called “Too Cool”. It wasn’t what I thought it would be or what I wanted. Although white is a hard color to get exactly pigmented. I wanted it to be a harder white and not so shimmery and sheer.

Since I knew that whites are just hard to do I grabbed the orange and purple ones. The texture reminds me of the MAC paint pots a bit, but these are a little bit thicker and have more of a color to them where the paint pots tend to be sheer. I didn’t have to layer the orange hardly at all and the purple only a few times to get the darker color I wanted.

I woke up the other morning to do a shoot and decided I would rock one out and picked the orange. I put that on without a base since it seems thick enough that it wouldn’t need it. Then I added a hot pink I got from Loreal at the dollar store and highlighted as well. Real simple, nothing too hard about it.

As the day went on I was getting hot and working hard. When my day was done I sat down to clean my face and noticed that my eye shadow was creased and had mostly sweated off. I was very disappointed as I have not had that happen in many years. I am not sure exactly when it started to fall, but it fell nonetheless.

Next time I will try it with Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath it to help it stay. Other than not lasting 24 hours (or less) I did like the colors I picked out. You can check out more colors here. Please check out the Too Faced Cosmetics line here.

I will tell you it was rough trying to get the swatches off my hand with a wipe though hehe.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with Maybelline’s Color Tattoo.