Cleaning your makeup brushes 101

Taking care of your brushes is so important for anyone who uses them, no matter if you’re a makeup artist or not. My team and I consider our brushes our money makers. Therefore, keeping them clean and sanitized is crucial.
Fortunately there are many options for cleaning your brushes depending on if you are wanting a quick clean or a deep clean. Quick cleaning means after each time you use your brushes on yourself or a client and don’t have time to do a deep clean, or your brushes aren’t dirty enough yet. Deep cleaning is when you really want to get all the makeup out of your brushes even if you’ve been doing quick cleaning or sanitizing. If you are using your brushes on several clients in a row you need to sanitize them. The easiest way is have a spray bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol and spray your brushes with it and use a paper towel or wash cloth to wipe it off. You don’t want to use a higher percent because you want to avoid drying you bristles out.

For quick cleaning my favorite brush cleaners are from Clinique and MAC because they are the best bang for my buck.

Some good deep cleaning products are from Sigma or from your own home. You can actually use both together to get your brushes really clean. One option is using baby shampoo or a color safe shampoo on your brushes. Another option from your kitchen is Dawn soap and olive oil. An easy way to do that is to get a plate and make two pools and run your brush down the middle to get both products on your brush. After that rub it on Sigma’s cleaning glove.


When you rinse them don’t soak them or stand them up with water dripping down the handle. You want to have them hanging on the edge of your sink on their sides or use the drying rack from Sigma. This also helps shape your brushes so when you go to use them again they are not out of shape. They also can be hung upside down which is ideal for drying your brushes. If water gets in the ferrule your bristles can fall out. I’ve actually had that happen before.


Check out more of what Sigma has to offer and take care of your brushes so you don’t have to replace them as often. Your brushes will last much longer when you take care of them properly.

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